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Lidos History

Have we got a story for you!

When Righetti High School student Daniel Urquhart started working at Lidos in Santa Maria, it was already a well established local favorite. On his second day on the job, he heard that the restaurant was going to be sold!  Knowing a good thing when he sees it, and with the advice from his family, he decided to buy Lidos.

When he graduated high school in late 2002 at 19 years old, with the help of family and friends, he started running the restaurant.  In 2003 he met his wife Alisa.  Through most of 2004 Alisa worked at Lidos too, even through her pregnancy with their firstborn.  She even had her baby shower at Lidos.  In October 2004 Mackinzie, the newest member of the family, was born. Alisa was right there in the restaurant until the day before Mackinzie was born, and right back the next day!  The whole family continued to run the restaurant together until deciding to close down the storefront in October of 2006.

But that’s not the end of Lidos!  The Urquharts continued with the concessions part of the business taking their delicious food out into the world at concerts, fairs, and other events.  Business was booming and the family was growing!  Now with sons Tanner and Parker this family of 5 purchased a cherry red custom trailer in 2017 to go mobile.  Once again they can bring their delicious Amoroso Rolls from Philadelphia, delicious beef for their Philly Cheesesteaks, their mouth watering Hot Pastrami, and many more delicious treats back home to Santa Maria with lunch services and many more possibilities.

Lidos Can Bring It!

Bring all that experience (and great food) to your private party, concert, lunch service… whatever!

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